▇ Taiwan Journal of Anthropology(臺灣人類學刊)

《臺灣人類學刊》為中央研究院民族學研究所發行的雙語(中、英文)半年刊,入選為國科會「臺灣社會科學引文索引」資料庫(TSSCI) 收錄期刊。乃一份結合臺灣、全球華文人類學界,及國際人類學界同仁共同參與編輯,而以全球華文人類學社群為主要訴求對象,並與國際人類學界聯繫和接軌的人類學專業期刊。本刊之學術旨趣是廣義的人類學,期與國際人類學界對話,並提高華文人類學界在海內外的能見度。本刊收錄了臺灣、華人圈、東南亞和南島語族之社會風俗之研究成果,從臺灣多元族群構成的背景形成的當前社會文化,到亞洲及南島語族各少數民族的風俗。將世界各種多采多姿的風貌呈現在讀者面前,發掘對文化瞭解更深刻、寬廣、更創新的研究成果,是了解世界多面脈動的一面明鏡。
TitleTaiwan Journal of Anthropology
Introduction▇ Taiwan Journal of Anthropology(臺灣人類學刊)

Taiwan Journal of Anthropology is published by the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica and issued every June and December. The journal is edited by the academic colleagues of Taiwan, the global Chinese anthropology, and the international community. With the main audience of the Anthropology of the global Chinese community, the professional journal is an international academic linkages and integration of human anthropology.

The journal looks forward to digging a deeper understanding of culture and broaden a more innovative research and publications in Taiwan. In addition, break the limitations of regional magazines authority publications. Even facing an enormous and varied challenges, it ultimately can contribute to Chinese Anthropology with a more open and broad international anthropological community. In addition, the publication also is seeking submissions and subscribed readers as a way to give us advices, support and criticism.